iStrive® Savings

Think beyond your piggy bank or secret stash. A savings account can allow your money to grow as you do. Put your savings skills into practice with iStrive Savings for youth1 and young adults. When you start building your savings skills early with iStrive Savings, your goals can become achievable and you’ll also learn how to better manage your money as your financial needs grow.  

At age 24, your financial skills will allow you to confidently transition into other NBT banking products that best fit your lifestyle.

Not near an NBT Bank ATM? No problem. NBT Bank will waive its foreign transaction fee at ATMs not operated by NBT Bank; however, other banks' surcharges will still apply. 


Account Details

  • No monthly balance requirements
  • Minimum balance to open - $25 (Online)
  • Minimum balance to open - $0 (In Branch)
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Earn interest on your account balances paid quarterly or monthly through a portfolio statement on the following tiers:
    • Tier 1     $0.01 < $2,499.99
    • Tier 2     $2,500 < $9,999.99
    • Tier 3     $10,000 or more
  • $2 paper statement fee. Avoid fee by enrolling in eStatements
  • $10 excessive activity fee2

1If under the age of 18, iStrive accounts must be opened as joint accounts with the other owner at least 18 years of age.

2Federal Banking regulations place limitations on certain transfers and withdrawals from savings and money market accounts. Withdrawals or transfers made by automatic, pre-authorized, telephonic agreement order, or instruction, check, draft, debit card, or similar order made from this account to other accounts or to third parties are restricted to no more than six per monitoring period. The monitoring period for all savings accounts except those tied to checking accounts with portfolio statements is monthly up to the quarterly statement date. Money market accounts and savings accounts with portfolio statement are monitored by statement cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • No fee to transfer funds from your iStrive Savings Account using  the Autolink Transfer Service
  • NBT Online Banker and Bill Pay3
  • NBT Bank Mobile Banking
  • NBT Bank ATM Card

3Must be 18 years of age or older to gain access to Bill Pay

Statement Options

Include all of your accounts on one easy-to-read statement with Combined Statements

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