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Beware of Remote Access Scam Trends

Mobile Devices are increasingly being targeted. Read red flags to help spot this type of scam.

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Personal Fraud Information Center

With incidents of fraud and identity theft growing in number and sophistication, security counts more than ever. NBT Bank is committed to helping you keep your finances and identity safe. In our Fraud Information Center you’ll find the latest information, tips and resources to help you do just that. Click the boxes below to learn more.

  • Debit Card SMiShing Report
    NBT Bank has been alerted to SMiShing messages stating that a debit card has been locked. Learn More
  • Social Media Social Engineering
    Fraudsters are known to impersonate people. It could be friends and family or a businesses that you regularly work with like NBT Bank. Learn More
  • Unemployment Fraud
    There has been an increase in attempts by imposters filing for unemployment benefits using the names and personal information of people who have not filed claims. Learn More
  • Remote Access Scans and Mobile Devices
    There has been a trend towards the targeting of Mobile Devices through Remote Access Scams. Learn red flags for this type of fraud. Learn More
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month
    Do Your Part. Learn how these three simple tips encompass all necessary actions to protect you from cybercrime. Learn More
  • COVID-19 CARES Act Scams
    The FBI, state attorneys general and other agencies are warning of calls, texts, emails, websites and door-to-door attempts to defraud Americans of their CARES Act check payment. Learn More
  • Defending Against COVID-19 Fraud Scams
    NBT would like to warn our customers to remain vigilant on an increase in scams related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Learn More
  • NBT Bank Spoofing Calls
    NBT Bank has received reports of customers receiving fraudulent spoofing calls where the call appears to be coming from a trusted number, but isn’t. Learn More
  • Lonely Heart Scam
    Tips to prevent yourself from being victimized by fraudsters posing as someone they aren't in what is known as the Lonely Heart Scam. Learn More
  • Remote Access Scams
    Learn what a Remote Access Scam is and how to stop it in NBT Bank's Fraud Information Center. Learn More
  • Online Loan Fraud
    Scammers use Online Loan Fraud to manipulate customers into giving out private information. Learn More

Protect Yourself

Find out about measures you can take to keep yourself safe from fraud

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How We Protect You

Learn about methods NBT Bank uses to help keep your information safe

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Report Fraud

See what steps you should take if you think you might be a victim of fraud

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Fraud Alert Center

Stay up to date on the latest scams and tactics used by cyber criminals

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Accounts & Cards

Learn what you can do to keep your accounts and cards safe

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Online & Mobile

Learn how to safeguard against Internet and mobile threats

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Young woman using laptop.

Learn About Cyber Security.

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Young man using laptop.

How to Spot Common Scams.

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Man reviewing paperwork.

Personal Fraud Awareness, Prevention and Reporting Resources.

Find out about agencies that provide fraud awareness, prevention tips and resources as well as fraud and identity theft reporting tools.

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