Get Moving with Scott Lacik

Mortgage Originator

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Scott Lacik

Mortgage Originator
NMLS #515076

Syracuse, NY

700 North Street
North Syracuse NY, 13212

315-876-2950 (Cell)

Use the link below to get started on your Home Financing application or check the status of a submitted application.


Business Hours
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I love living and working in the Central New York area for the past 30+ years. My experience in the banking industry includes being a branch manager and business banking relationship manager. I also have participated in many community based organizations outside the bank over the years. Due to my past experiences, I understand the importance of working with customers in order to give them the best possible experience. I look forward to working with you on your journey to home ownership or assisting with a refinance in order to consolidate bills and ease your stress.


Ready to Apply?

Please Have These Items Ready

  1. Current and Previous Addresses (2 years)
  2. Property Information including purchase agreement (if applicable), tax bills and homeowners insurance (if applicable)
  3. Current and Previous Employment Information and dates (2 years)
  4. Sources and income amounts for all borrowers
      a. If a W2 employee, previous 2 years W2's and most recent paystub with year-to-date income
      b. If rental or business income, 2 years personal and business (if applicable) signed tax returns, including all schedules
      c. If retirement income, award letter, 1099 or equivalent documentation
  5. Bank Account Statements (2 months)
  6. Current monthly housing expenses such as rent and mortgage payments
  7. Property address and Estimated Market Value for properties you own, including taxes & insurance
  8. If working with a real estate agent, their name, company and phone number

Required documents to apply for mortgage financing are listed in the Mortgage Financing Checklist.