Discover How Experian Boost Works with NBT Bank

(September 16, 2022) - Whether you’re opening a credit card for the first time or you’re ready to improve your score to purchase a car or home at a better rate, raising your FICO® credit score can feel like a prolonged process. Several factors go into improving your credit score, such as not missing payments or paying down your revolving account balance.

At NBT Bank, we understand that life doesn’t always wait for your credit score to be boosted—and neither should you. That’s why we’re a proud partner of Experian™ to give our customers the valuable tool that is Experian Boost™! From qualifying for an apartment to expanding your available credit, you can improve your credit score sooner with the help of Experian Boost™.

What is Experian Boost?

Experian Boost™ is a free, innovative service from Experian™ designed to help you get the credit score you deserve. Unlike other credit-boosting tools, only Experian Boost™ is capable of instantly increasing your FICO® Score. Since Experian launched the service in 2019, more than 3.9 million Americans have taken advantage of Experian Boost™ to build or revitalize their credit scores.

How does Experian Boost™ work?

How Experian Boost™ helps you cultivate your credit score is simple. Your first step is signing up for a free account with Experian™ on your desktop or mobile device. Then, grant Experian™ read-only permission to connect to the online bank accounts you use to pay your bills. Once the Experian™ team identifies the payments, they’ll verify and add your online bank accounts to their credit files.

It may seem like a time-consuming process, but your Experian Boost™ connection setup will only take about five minutes! Just make sure you set up Experian Boost™ with your NBT Bank account. Only Experian™-partnered banks can use this service.

Is Experian Boost™ safe?

Absolutely. Experian Boost™ is designed with your security in mind. That’s why Experian™’s access to your online bank accounts is restricted to read-only—their team may be able to see your banking statements, but they can never interact with your actual accounts in any way. Additionally, you can trust that Experian™ will never store any data related to your bank credentials; it only keeps records of qualifying on-time bill payments.

What does Experian Boost™ do for my credit score?

Experian Boost™ creates more credit-elevating opportunities than the average credit score tool by accepting a wide range of bills from various services. In addition to traditional bills, such as your phone bill or electricity payments, you can add your subscription for Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and more! Only want to add certain bills? Not a problem. With Experian Boost™, you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Plus, Experian Boost™ only counts positive payments made through your account! So if you miss a payment completely or you’re a few months behind on your bill, it won’t be counted against your credit score. Keep this in mind, too: The more accounts you connect to Experian Boost™, the more it can help you build your credit! After all, payment history is the most vital part of your credit score.