Online Loan Payment Options

Paying your NBT loan has never been easier!

At NBT Bank, we offer our personal banking customers several convenient options to pay any loan, whether it’s a car loan, home loan, line of credit, or mortgage.

Digital payments are one of the easiest ways to pay your NBT loan. You’ll need to enroll in Digital Banking to get started. Our online and mobile banking is secure and free, and all loan information is stored each month for easy reference and payment.

Digital Payment Benefits and Options

  1. They’re fast, free and secure
  2. There’s a one-time payment option, where you control payment dates
  3. You can also set up recurring payments for a “set it and forget it” payment schedule
  4. All transactions are recorded and available for viewing 24/7
  5. You’re able to adjust and control your payment schedule, even after you set it up. (Except after payment has been deducted from your account)
  6. Avoid delays associated with USPS delivery for payments sent through the mail
man using laptop at home

Enrolling in Digital Banking

To get started making digital loan payments, you must enroll in one or both of our free Digital Banking services.

You can register for online banking to make payments from your desktop and/or you can download the NBT Bank Mobile App to get started making loan payments through your mobile device.


Choose Your Loan Payment Option

Recurring Automated Payment

Set it and forget it. Sign up for recurring automated payments that will deduct the money right from your bank account, so you won’t have to worry about missing a monthly payment. You can sign up for recurring automated payments to pay on your due date via a secure online form. You will need your loan account number to enroll.

External Transfer

A secure and convenient option for you to use a checking or savings account you have at another financial institution to make NBT loan payments or transfer money into an NBT account. Move funds between your NBT Bank accounts and accounts held at other financial institutions.* You can also schedule one-time or recurring payments to your NBT Bank loan.

Setting up External Account Transfers

Once enrolled in and signed in to Online Banking:

  1. Add External Account from another financial institution
  2. Verify Account through Micro Deposits (instructions will be provided at the time of set-up)
  3. Set up recurring or make a one-time Loan Payment

Your payment should be effective as of the "Estimated Delivery Date" presented on the Screen.

*External Transfer Payment Limits - Daily: $2000.00 per customer, Rolling 30-day Month: $5000.00 per customer.