Online Payments with Digital Banking

We offer multiple ways to make digital payments. Whether you pay using your NBT account or an account from another institution, we’ve got you covered.

Pay using your NBT Account

If you already have an online account with NBT, please follow these easy steps to make your loan payment through Digital Banking.

Step 1: Sign In or Enroll in Digital Banking


Step 2: Make a Loan Payment

  • Click on "Transfers" and then "Create/Edit Transfer"
  • Select Source (Checking/Savings) Account
  • Select Destination (Loan) Account
  • Select Amount
  • Select One-Time or Recurring Payment
  • Select Transfer Date
  • Select "Submit" to complete payment

Your payment should be effective as of the "Estimated Delivery Date" presented on the Screen.

Pay using your account with another bank

Our External Account Transfer option offers a secure and convenient option for you to use a checking or savings account you have at another financial institution to make NBT loan payments or transfer money into an NBT account.

External Account Transfers allow you to:

  • Move funds between your NBT Bank accounts and accounts held at other financial institutions*
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments to your NBT Bank loan

Step 1: Add Account
Step 2: Verify Account through Micro Deposits
Step 3: Make a Loan Payment

Your payment should be effective as of the "Estimated Delivery Date" presented on the Screen.

Principal Only Payments

You may make a Principal Only Payment to your NBT Loan through NBT Digital Banking any time you are transferring from an NBT Deposit Account.

If you are transferring funds from a deposit account at another financial institution, your payment will be applied as a regular payment.

*External Transfer Payment Limits - Daily: $2000.00 per customer, Rolling 30-day Month: $5000.00 per customer.