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Credit Reports

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires any consumer to receive a free copy of his/her credit report, at his/her request, once every 12 months. Beware of credit-monitoring companies that offer a "free" credit report for a monthly fee.

Get your free Annual Credit Report at:


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Home Financing Calculators

How much will my fixed rate mortgage payment be?
How much will my adjustable rate mortgage payments be?
How much will my payments be for a balloon mortgage?
Should I rent or buy?
Which mortgage is better for me?
How much will I save by increasing my mortgage payment?
How much mortgage might I qualify for?
How much home can I afford?
Should I consolidate my loans?

Personal Financing

How much car can I afford?
Is an Auto Loan or Home Equity Loan best for purchasing a car?
How long will it take to pay off my credit card?
How much do I need to save for college?
How much will I need to save for a major purchase?
How much can I afford to borrow?
What is my loan rate?
How long will it take to pay off my loan?
How much will my loan payments be?
Should I consolidate my loans?
How soon can I eliminate my debts?