Cyber Readiness and the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

As a valued customer of NBT Bank, we want to provide you with a brief, proactive assessment of potential cyber risks related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict as well as resources to address those risks. As your chosen financial services provider, we want you to know that NBT is prepared and our defenses are strong. Below are some important risks and resources to assist you and your business.

Risks to Consider

All US businesses, particularly critical infrastructure, are subject to the general threat of retaliation by Russia at this point, namely due to US support of Ukraine and sanctions the US has imposed against Russia.

  • What to do: Follow CISA's Shields-Up guidance, which outlines general cybersecurity practices that will help your business resiliency in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Resource:

Businesses could also be subject to a general increase in ransomware risk resulting from the severing of diplomatic ties between Russia and the US.

  • What to do: Follow CISA's recommended practices to detect, defend and respond to potential ransomware attacks.
  • Resource:
  • TIP: Your third-party service providers are subject to the same risks. Know how they interact with your systems, monitor vendor access to your network and ensure they maintain cybersecurity programs that are in line with your risk tolerance.

Small Business with limited resources?

Here are 4 things you can do to keep yourself cyber safe

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