Account & Card Security for Your Business

While accounts and cards are essential to any business, if not properly secured, they can give cyber criminals direct access to your business's finances. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to enhance security. Click the headings below for more ways to keep your NBT Bank accounts and cards safe.

Never give out your full financial account information such as credit or checking account numbers on the phone unless you made the call and you know the person or company you are dealing with. Never give this information out to a stranger or anyone claiming to be from the bank.

Never write your driver's license, phone number or Social Security number on any checks.

Be suspicious of any incoming phone calls that are asking for account information or wanting to verify account information. Never give out full account information over the phone.

Be careful to create and use secure PINs and passwords. Try to avoid easily guessable information such as date of birth, parts of your Social Security number, your spouse's or your children's names.

Never put outgoing mail or checks in your mailbox. Always drop outgoing mail that could contain checks in a U.S. Postal Service collection box. Identity thieves will sometime use mailboxes in business parks to steal financial information that could be used to create counterfeit checks.

Always review your account for unusual or unauthorized activity. If you see something on your statement that doesn't look legitimate, contact our Call Center at 800.628.2265 or your local NBT Bank office immediately.

Try to incorporate segregation of duties and appropriate internal controls to help protect your business accounts. Try to avoid having the same person who writes the accounts payable checks review and reconciles the statements. This will help ensure a healthy control environment. Also, be sure to take advantage of our Cash Management Services to help enhance your business control environment such as positive pay and ACH debit and credit block services.

When unusual activity on the account attached to your debit card is detected, the SMS Fraud Alert feature will initiate a Text Alert to the mobile phone on record for the account. Respond by text to either approve the transaction, or to indicate that the transaction is fraudulent.

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