Information Reporting

The tools you need to keep track

NBT Bank’s Information Reporting services allows for greater visibility into your banking activity, provides timely reconciliation, and improves administrative processes. With NBT Digital Banking, Account Reconciliation, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and more, see how NBT Bank can help your business.

To learn more about any of NBT Bank’s Information Reporting Services contact your dedicated Treasury Management Sales Officer.

Digital Banking

Our digital platform provides access to your accounts. From one central site you can initiate electronic transactions, streamline payables and receivables, deploy risk management and fraud protection tools, just to name a few. You will enjoy a seamless digital banking experience from all your devices: computer, mobile phone, and tablet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How can NBT Digital Banking help my business?

  • Timely reconciliation of accounts
  • Efficient and convenient payment origination options
  • Information reporting and fraud mitigation
  • Bank from anywhere, anytime


Account Reconciliation

Reduce the administrative burden of reconciling large check volumes. Simply provide a list of checks issued and with the click of a button, reconcile your check payments to your checking account. You'll also be able to generate reports on stop payments, voids, and paid and outstanding checks.

We also offer Deposit Reconciliation which tracks deposits made from multiple locations into a deposit account by special coding incorporated on your deposit tickets.

How can Account Reconciliation with NBT help my business?

  • Timely reconciliation
  • Improves administrative process
  • Greater visibility into outstanding checks which affects financial position

EDI Reporting for ACH

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution extracts important data from incoming ACH payments to accelerate reconciliation of receivables. Non-financial information is reported to you in a wide variety of formats including PDF, CSV, XLS and XML.

How can EDI Reporting with NBT help my business?

  • Timely reconciliation
  • Central point of data collection
  • Multiple format options

BAI Reporting

Looking to easily manage bank transactions across multiple financial institutions? Our BAI Reporting solution allows for universal coding of common bank transactions. Reports containing all balance and transaction data from the previous day across all your financial institutions are conveniently delivered to your daily.

How can BAI Reporting with NBT help my business?

  • Daily reporting provides greater visibility into banking activity
  • Universal format aids in effectively managing multiple banking relationships
  • Improves administrative process