Retirement Plan Services

We know that your focus is on running, growing and managing your business. That’s why we work to take the headaches and complications out of retirement plan programs, and satisfy key concerns regardless of the type and size of your plan. To help you focus on what counts, we focus on the following:

  • Minimizing your personal fiduciary exposure
  • Maximizing your plan’s investment returns
  • Managing your plan’s costs
  • Providing one point of contact for daily ease of your plan’s operation

When we talk about plans, we aren’t talking about products, we’re talking about solutions. And our people make it easy to select and implement the plan that is right for your company regardless of its size, while empowering your employees to participate in their own futures. Plus, as a locally based organization, we meet with you regularly to ensure that your plan is performing, fully compliant, and ready to evolve as needs and markets change.

It’s all about implementing and keeping the plan that works for you, your business and your employees. Take a look below to see our answers to questions we frequently hear, or better yet, request a meeting with one of our local advisors who can answer your specific questions.


Comparing a plan to the broader market is a good way to address fiduciary responsibilities, and also shows plan participants that you are aware of their best interests, and are willing to periodically review comparative performance and costs information.

We can provide a “one stop shopping” experience that encompasses trustee, custodial, daily recordkeeping, participant education and support, and full compliance services for plans regardless of size. You can rest comfortably knowing that you have one point of contact for all your retirement plan needs.

Plan construction must always incorporate the client’s goals. That’s why we use this knowledge as the cornerstone of any plan’s design. However, annual plan design review and ongoing recommendations are crucial to a plan continuing to meet its corporate goals. As a basic tenet of our client relationships, we provide comprehensive annual plan document reviews, as well as periodic recommendations through the plan year as circumstances dictate.

With virtually all participant litigation centering on investment options and the selection process associated with them, it is imperative that plan sponsors have a strategy in place that is comprehensive, prudent and well documented. As part of this strategy, you should always maintain an investment policy statement, quarterly investment reports and annual investment meeting minutes. In our discretionary trustee capacity, we mitigate investment exposure, produce and maintain each of the noted items and provide our clients peace of mind.

Addressing annual discrimination testing is a concern for plans that are attempting to maximize personal deferrals. Potential solutions range from plan design modification to enhanced participant education and participation. We have extensive experience in successfully handling this concern for plans of all sizes, and address this issue immediately in all new client relationships.

National research confirms that savings rates and ongoing education are the MOST important components in assuring that participants experience successful retirement outcomes. We address this with a unique combination of educational tools that provide consistent, comprehensive, and accountable participant communication. Our technological and personal support allows for both groups and individuals to receive on site, on demand, and on time knowledge and understanding of their retirement plan.

Yes, when acting as trustee, you are personally responsible and liable for the investment due diligence and operational requirements of the plan. Outside corporate trustee services can mitigate this exposure, and we are pleased to offer a variety of these services for your consideration.

A directed trustee may reduce the risk and exposure attributable to the investment due diligence responsibilities and ongoing operational requirements of the plan, but the use of a discretionary trustee shifts the responsibility for investment selection, monitoring and deselection to the corporate trustee, and operational management can be shifted as well. Speak to one of our advisors about trustee service options for your business. Simply request a meeting below.