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Business Trust Services

When you work hard for your entire life to build a business and build wealth, you want to know that it will all be properly preserved and passed on. We are here to help, with the solutions and expertise you need to protect your estate – and your legacy.

Our team has nearly a century of experience serving as impartial trustees and executors. We take the time to understand what counts to you and help put a unique plan in place to help address any concerns you may have about tomorrow, ­from preventing conflicts over your business and estate to caring for your loved ones financially.

And trusts are about more than what happens after you’re gone. Charitable trusts, for example, can result in tax advantages during your lifetime while preserving your legacy. Strategies to defer income to your family can also provide a more tax-advantageous means of transferring wealth. Whatever makes the most sense for you in terms of trusts, our professionals will help you identify it, implement it and, when the time comes, execute it in a way that is as simple as possible for you and your family.     


You’ve led a life of success – now you want to leave a legacy of significance. By understanding what is important to you, we can help you work toward this goal. We can help to plan and manage the transfer of your wealth through the use of trusts that can benefit your family or charitable interests. We bring professional investment management and knowledge of trust taxation and administration. Charitable trusts can result in tax advantages during your lifetime and preserve your legacy for years to come.

Sometimes it’s not just who you transfer your wealth to, but how they benefit that is important. We can act as executor of your estate, which may often work in concert with a trust created during your lifetime to coordinate the disposition of your assets according to your wishes.

Our years of experience serving as trustees for the families in our communities allow us to understand the complexities these situations present. That is why you can rely on us to act as trustee of a trust that provides for your surviving spouse for their lifetime, with the remainder passing to your children. We have experience in balancing the interests of all parties involved in such a trust.

You work hard for your money and you want your money to work hard for you. We have the experience and flexibility to help you craft a plan where we can act as trustee of a non-qualified deferred compensation trust (sometimes referred to as “rabbi trust”) used to fund a deferred compensation plan provided by your employer.

You’ve always been the one to handle your family’s financial affairs and it can be difficult to think of someone else taking on this important responsibility. We can work alongside your attorney to put a plan together in which we can act as your trustee to manage your assets in the event you become unable to do so during your lifetime and after your death.

Life can be complicated, but your finances don’t have to be. Rather than burdening a family member with the many tasks involved in settling your estate, why not name us as your executor and trustee? We have a long history of working with families to protect, preserve and transfer wealth, often in tax advantaged ways.

Raising a child with special needs can be trying and stressful at times, but planning for their future financial well-being doesn’t have to be. Special needs trusts are designed specifically to supplement the income of a beneficiary with disabilities, without jeopardizing other benefits available through government programs. Our knowledgeable team has vast experience administering such trusts.


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