Education & Nonprofit

Commercial Insurance for Education & Nonprofits

Educational institutions and nonprofits are faced with complex insurance exposures that vary from other types of organizations. We understand the academic and not-for-profit risk environment and the need to stay current on changing laws and regulations as well as trends in claims and unique coverages.

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A Tailored Approach to Business Insurance Solutions

We work with a wide variety of educational institutions and nonprofit organizations, which means we understand how to help address risk exposures and manage claims when needed.

We serve a variety of educational institutions
and nonprofit organizations including:

  • • K-12 Public, Private, and Charter Schools
  • • Colleges & Universities
  • • Vocational, Trade, & Specialty Schools
  • • Human Services Related Organizations
  • • Religious Institutions
  • • Foundations
  • • Public Charities
  • • Professional Trade Organizations


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Essential Coverages for Education & Nonprofits:

Educators Legal Liability also known as school board legal liability insurance, is a hybrid of traditional directors and officers (D&O) and errors and omissions (E&O) coverages. Typical claims covered by educators’ legal liability insurance include wrongful termination, wrongful dismissal, failure to grant tenure, and negligent counseling. 

Crisis Event Coverage provides financial assistance and resources to businesses in the aftermath of a critical incident, such as a natural disaster or active shooter event.

Cyber Liability safeguards businesses against financial losses and legal expenses resulting from data breaches, cyberattacks, and other online threats.

Specialized Property Coverage offers tailored insurance solutions to protect valuable assets like athletic equipment, musical instruments, and fine art.

Directors & Officers Liability can protect against actual or alleged wrongful acts by individual insureds and the organization, including error, omission, misleading statements, neglect, or breach of duty by an insured while acting in the scope of their duties.

Sexual Abuse & Molestation insurance helps schools and nonprofits cover financial costs associated with allegations of sexual abuse or molestation against their staff or volunteers, including legal defense, settlements, and victim support services.

Employment Practices Liability protects schools and nonprofits from financial losses arising from legal claims related to employment practices, such as discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, or retaliation. It can also extend protection to third parties, like students or volunteers, who bring similar claims against the organization.

Student Travel & Accident insurance is generally purchased by K-12 schools and covers students from costs associated with becoming injured at school sponsored events and activities. It can cover medical expenses, accidental death or injury, and repatriation costs in case of emergencies.

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