Construction Insurance
& Surety Bonds

As a contractor, developer, or private company bidding and working on constructions projects, your insurance and bonding needs are not something that can be addressed periodically—they need daily attention. Our business insurance team has years of experience working with contractors to review important documents that keep your business moving forward.

Staying updated on construction industry trends and developments can also present a challenge. That's why we work with you to develop and enact loss-control recommendations to mitigate your risk of an accident. Keeping you and your employees safe is of the utmost importance to our team.

Two construction workers reviewing building plans.

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Essential Coverages for Construction Insurance

Contract or Performance Bonds are used to support both public and private construction projects. Bid bonds and corresponding performance bonds provide the financial guarantees required by owners, developers, and general contractors. Bonding supports the contractual obligations and financing required to complete construction projects.

Worker's Compensation coverage protects against work-related injury or sickness. For contractors, some projects require specific amounts of worker's comp coverage, which need to be constantly evaluated.

General Liability helps cover any costs associated with claims regarding bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Professional Liability is different than general liability insurance as it provides coverage for errors during construction, including those made by third-parties or subcontractors.

Environmental Legal Liability insurance can help protect contractors in circumstances where asbestos, mold, or lead can create issues during a project that might delay or derail the construction process.

Builder's Risk Insurance covers a structure or materials used on building site that is in the construction phase, including materials being transported to the site.

Captive Insurance allows construction business owners to insure their risks and tap into more comprehensive business insurance coverages by forming a captive insurance company alongside NBT Insurance Agency.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance can help by giving you extra protection above and beyond the limits of certain types of business insurance policies.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance can protect contractors, construction companies, and even independent contractors from claims filed by current, former, or even prospective employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance can help protect you and your employees who drive company-owned vehicles for your business.

Inland Marine Insurance is a form of property insurance coverage that covers materials and equipment when they are transported over land or away from the premises of a jobsite for an extended period of time.

Owners & Contractors Protective (OCP) coverage can help protect the project owner or general contractor who is named on the policy from liability or property damage.

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