Business Customers

Welcome to NBT Bank!

The information on this page is here to help you with the transition to NBT Bank. Our goal is to make this change as smooth as possible, allowing you to enjoy all the features and benefits of being an NBT Business Customer.

What changes can I expect to my Salisbury Bank business accounts?

There are critical banking products and services that will need your attention before and after the merger is complete. Below is a short list of common banking services that are changing and will need your action in order to transition your accounts to NBT Bank.

How do I find the full list of action items to help my business accounts transition to NBT Bank?

We’ve prepared a Business Checklist (PDF) to assist you with keeping track of all items needing your review and action. Our Business Support Center will be ready to assist you with any questions, but we anticipate a high call volume just after the merger. By completing these Checklists, you can help ensure that your accounts are ready to transition to NBT Bank.