Estate Settlement Services


When NBT Financial Group is named executor of an estate, our professionals attend to every detail. We will:

  • Probate the will and receive letters testamentary from the court
  • Assemble and inventory estate assets
  • Protect and manage estate assets
  • Collect debts owed to the estate
  • Pay debts, expenses and taxes
  • Prepare and file all applicable tax returns
        706 - U.S Estate Tax Return
        1041 - U.S. Fiduciary Tax Return
        K-1 - Beneficiary's Share of Income
    New York State Forms
        ET-706 - New York State Estate Tax Return
        IT-205 - New York State Fiduciary Tax Return
    Vermont State Forms
        FI-161 VT Fiduciary Return of Income
        E-1 Vermont Estate Tax Return
  • Distribute the net estate according to the provisions of the will
  • Maintain the comprehensive records necessary for preparation and filing of formal estate accountings

NBT Bank can also act as agent for the executor of an estate. In this role, we perform the services listed above to fulfill the duties required of the executor in his or her role as fiduciary and to ensure compliance with the Prudent Investor Act.

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