Plan Administration


Sponsoring a 401(k) plan shouldn’t take any more of your time than it has to. NBT Financial Group’s retirement plan professionals can administer your plan efficiently, accurately and securely. We offer:

  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Prompt contribution processing
  • Same-day processing of transactions
  • Timely, accurate and easy-to-understand account statements
  • Straightforward plan sponsor reports
  • Compliance with ERISA/404(c) requirements
As plan fiduciary, you will always be responsible for certain administrative duties. But we can make things a lot easier for you. We know what needs to be done—and when it needs to be done. We’ll ensure that it gets done.

Changes in laws and regulations make it difficult for sponsors to keep up with plan requirements. Our support in this area begins with a fiduciary manual, which outlines your responsibilities and identifies issues for you to consider. From there, we give step-by-step guidance along the way. Our services include these protective measures:
  • Prudent investment selection and monitoring
  • Management of plan expenses
  • Fully disclosed fees
  • Accurate recordkeeping and reporting
  • Participant communication and education

We also offer trustee services, in which we take full fiduciary responsibility for the selection and monitoring of your plan’s investments. Whether we act as administrator or trustee, we’ll ensure that your plan has competitive funds that help your employees reach their retirement savings goals.

NBT Financial Group oversees ongoing tests to ensure your 401(k) plan complies with all laws and regulations. Through our industry involvement, we stay ahead of compliance issues. We provide strategies and recommendations to address these issues. We never want you to be caught off guard. As a standard service, we perform all compliance testing required for your plan.