Communication & Education


U.S. Department of Labor regulations have emphasized the importance of participant communication in terms of 401(k) plan administration. Simply stated, plan sponsors are responsible for making sure employees have the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

NBT Financial Group’s proactive communication and education program can lead to higher participation and contribution rates. That’s why we provide your employees with information and guidance designed to address a range of topics—such as investing basics, risk tolerance and life stages.

Enrollment meetings and quarterly sessions with participants are crucial components of our education process. These face-to-face opportunities are effective ways to educate employees about the benefits of saving for retirement. We also provide fund reports, seminars, online tools and newsletters. In addition, we conduct periodic retirement “savings gap” analyses to help keep employees’ portfolios on track.

Quarterly plan sponsor reports will keep you updated on your plan. We will also meet with you, as needed, to discuss administrative and operational issues, legislative matters, market conditions and developments in the 401(k) industry.