401(k) Plan Design


The primary goal of any 401(k) plan is to help employees build tax-deferred savings for their retirement years. NBT Financial Group takes it much farther. We’ll design a customized 401(k) to allow your employees to maximize this important benefit—and their future savings. We can deliver a 401(k) that optimizes the needs of your company and employees.

The plan document is the centerpiece of a 401(k). It outlines eligibility, match amount, vesting and other components. In developing this document, we consider the demographics of your employees. After that, we continually monitor and review your plan. We recommend changes, as needed, to enhance your plan. With us, plan administration is not “set it and forget it.”

If 401(k) plans seem overwhelming to employers, they can be overwhelming to employees too. NBT Financial Group can educate your employees about the benefits of being in your plan. The more employees know, the less overwhelmed they’ll feel. Our view is that a little effort today is a small trade-off for a more secure retirement.

We give your employees the tools to help them determine which investments are right for them. Once they’ve made that determination, we assist them in building their 401(k) portfolios. We provide user-friendly information for all levels of investment experience. And we make the paperwork as painless as possible.