Philosophy and Approach


Our investment process begins with a thorough understanding of our client achieved through an in-depth dialogue and personal contact. During this initial phase, goals and objectives are set and risk levels are defined. The proper investment strategy and approach is determined by considering many diverse factors including: income requirements, liquidity needs, tax considerations and time horizon.

A Consultative Approach

Our dynamic investing approach requires constant vigilance and monitoring. We are constantly searching for attractive investment opportunities. Continuous feedback from our clients provides assistance to insure that proper asset allocation and risk levels are being maintained while meeting portfolio investment objectives and goals.

The single most critical factor in successfully attaining the objectives of our clients is having the proper asset allocation. Asset allocation decisions are based on historical returns, expected future returns and minimization of risk. NBT typically uses a varied array of investment vehicles to achieve exposure to desired asset classes and to provide appropriate diversification within portfolios. Our many alternative solutions for optimal asset allocation and diversification provide our clients with flexible solutions for meeting differing objectives.

The investment decision-making process is designed to recognize and anticipate major long-term trends or themes occurring in the United States and throughout the world. Once these themes are identified, we then seek the best investments for portfolios to participate in these themes. In evaluating specific investments, we strongly consider quality of management and earnings, strength of balance sheet, competitive position, growth of revenue, growth of earnings, valuation and consistency of dividends.

Every account is managed on an individual and distinct basis. Each client’s objectives may be attained through investments in individual securities (both stocks and bonds), ETFs (exchange traded funds), mutual funds, or any combination thereof. Every portfolio is reviewed on an annual basis.

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