Administrative and Support Services


NBT Financial Group provide the following administrative and support services:

Cash Management

All cash received is automatically swept into our money funds. We can, upon request, provide the current yield for this money fund. 


Securities are priced daily using software from Interactive Data Services, a well-known pricing provider. Some securities, such as those of closely held companies, are priced when information is obtained from the company (which is usually on an annual basis).


Securities are protected from physical loss, damage or theft and are kept separate from retail and commercial bank assets. These securities are identifiable as assets of a particular account at all times. 


All interest, dividends, stock splits, etc., are collected and credited to the proper account in a timely manner.

Security Settlement

We provide prompt and accurate settlement of security transactions, with any necessary follow-up activity to complete the transaction. Proceeds of purchased or sold securities are credited on the settlement date. Likewise, securities purchased are credited on settlement date.

Account Review/Meetings

The Administrative and Investment Officers review the account transaction and cash balances daily and also perform an annual administrative and investment review to ensure that we are meeting the investment objective and purpose of the account. In addition, we are always available to meet with the customer to review the account, including performance, cash flow requirements, market conditions and an overall asset allocation as often as necessary. We are, of course, also available via telephone, e-mail or fax.


Detailed statements of all transaction and account activity are furnished on a quarterly basis or more frequently if requested.

Efficient Transfer of Money

There are same-day distribution methods available by direct deposit to an NBT Bank retail checking or money market account. Direct Deposit to another financial institution is also available with next day accessibility.

On-Line Service

NBT can provide you on-line inquiry via StrataWeb, which would allow you to view daily transactions occurring in the account as well as current asset allocations. We do not provide investment research information on-line, but can fax you any requested information as needed or required.