About NBT Financial Group


Welcome to the NBT Financial Group, a leading provider of wealth management and financial planning solutions with expertise in trust and fiduciary services, investments, retirement planning and risk management. With over $3.3 billion under management, our clients find that our independent approach can pay serious dividends. Why are so many individuals, families, businesses and organizations looking to us to help manage their financial plans and investments? Because even in these tough times, we make our clients' long-term interests our top priority.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take a closer look at the NBT Financial Group when planning for your financial future: 

Broad Range of Sophisticated Services

The NBT Financial Group offers a unique combination of trust, investment, insurance and retirement services. All delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals who are completely committed to putting you and your financial goals first.

Strength and Stability

We are a source of strength and stability to our clients, particularly in challenging economic times and periods of market volatility. As a division of NBT Bank, we are also part of an organization with a tradition of over 150 years of financial strength and stability. NBT Bank has become one of the top banks in the nation when it comes to financial performance. 

Highly Personalized Client Relationships

Our client relationships are based on a deep understanding of our clients' financial goals and needs, and this is enhanced but our intimate connections to the communities in which they are located.

Independent and Unbiased

Because we offer no proprietary investment products and engage in no investment banking activities, we are able to provide unbiased, independent investment research, based in fundamentals, to build portfolios that serve each individual client’s unique needs. 

Focused on the Big Picture

While our competitors may concentrate on the end point and the end product, our difference is how we directly participate in our client’s investment journey to build investment plans that achieve their goals.

Disciplined Portfolio Monitoring

We are consistently monitoring our clients’ financial plans to ensure that we can deliver the real-time advice required to leverage opportunities. We will also perform portfolio reviews periodically to keep you informed about performance and the need for any adjustments. We understand that staying on top of your portfolio and making real-time decisions is just as important as having a solid plan.

Why Smart Investors Choose NBT Financial Group

We have a long history of providing our clients with expert advice and sound guidance. With over $3.3 billion under management, more and more investors are finding out that NBT Financial Group is the right choice to meet their long-term objectives.

Maybe it’s time to move your money to NBT Financial Group.

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