Employee Financial Wellness Program


Get the skills you need to reduce stress and debt, and start managing your money like a pro.

Our [email protected] Employee Financial Wellness Program helps takes the stress out of life by helping you learn how to manage your finances.

This guided financial wellness program gives you the know how to budget, gain control of debt, and manage your credit score and more. Get live coaching through webinars and on-site presentations and access our other resources to start managing your spending, increasing your savings, and even plan for your future.

It’s never too late to get money smart! Let's get started!

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Financial Skills & Tools

[email protected] takes the stress out of managing your finances by providing easy to use and easily accessible educational resources.

Interested in learning more about how you can improve your financial future? Click on a topic of interest below to see what you can start doing today to improve your financial wellness.

Find resources for attended [email protected]® webinars here.

Create or revise your current budget to keep you on track.

Maintain good credit and how to manage debt.

Threats, type of fraud and how to protect yourself.

Array of digital banking services and its conveniences.

What is HSA, advantages, qualified expenses & more.

How to plan for a safe and secure retirement.

Develop savings goals & learn how to plan your future.

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  The research-backed benefits of financial education include having less debt, being able to manage household finances more skillfully, making well-informed investment decisions that will produce higher personal net worth, and a myriad of other habits that promote a happier life. The strongest benefits are seen when participants complete a program that induces real, positive behavioral change in financial matters.”

– National Financial Educators Council

Program Contacts

Mike Bowker

Mike Bowker
Corporate Liaison

[email protected]

Cassandra Hilsinger

Cassandra Hilsinger
Employee Liaison

[email protected]