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Home Equity

Turn your home's equity into almost anything.

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Current Rates


2.99% APR




4.00% APR*


*The variable rate above reflects a discount of 0.50% for automatic payment from an NBT Bank Checking or Money Market Account and would increase if this condition is not met.

Lock in a competitive introductory offer and no closing costs today.

Get a loan with endless possibilities:

Illustration of house with text Home Improvements
Illustration of Credit Cards with text Debt Consolidation
Illustration of graduation cap with text College Tuition
illustration of airplane with text Vacations

No Closing Costs. If you pay off and close the line of credit within 3 years, you must reimburse us the third-party fees paid in connection with opening the line. Fees paid to third parties generally total between $487 and $7,405 in New York. In Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont, closing costs paid to third parties generally total between $509 and $2,990.

Introductory Rates. Rates shown are as of 03/09/2021. If you qualify, you will receive the introductory 2.99% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 3 months. The APR after the introductory discount period is variable and may change monthly based upon changes in the prime rate but will not fall below 3.75% or exceed 15.90%. The Prime Rate is the highest Prime Rate published in the Wall Street Journal. As of March 9, 2021 the Prime Rate is 3.25%.

To Qualify. To qualify for the introductory rates: (1) the Home Equity Line of Credit must be in a first lien or a junior lien position behind an NBT Bank first mortgage on the property; (2) property must be a 1-4 family owner-occupied primary residence or single-family second home and cannot be an investment property, co-op, mobile home or manufactured housing; (3) the loan-to-value (LTV)/combined loan-to-value (CLTV) ratio cannot exceed 80%; (4) the borrower must have an Experian FICO score of 700 or greater; (5) payments must be made via automatic deduction from an NBT Bank checking or money market account; (6) customers renewing an existing home equity line of credit from NBT Bank must be approved for and receive a line increase of at least $10,000 to qualify for the initial Annual Percentage Rate discount. Property insurance is required and flood insurance when necessary. Title insurance is required for all loans over $250,000. The borrower must pay the title insurance premium even when NBT Bank pays the other closing costs. Offer subject to credit and collateral approval. This is not a commitment to lend. Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the type of collateral, FICO score and other loan terms offered or chosen.

For more information talk to your local NBT Banker.

NBT Bank is here to help you understand your home's equity and make the most of it.

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Loan Process
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Loan Calculator

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