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Using Your Chip Card at an ATM

How to use a Chip Card at an NBT Bank ATM

Your new chip-enabled debit card provides the utmost in security as well as convenience. Follow the easy steps outlined below to use your chip-enabled debit card at an ATM.

  1. Insert and remove your card at the ATM as you do today.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. If prompted, re-insert your card and leave it in the ATM until your transaction is complete.
  4. Cash will only be dispensed once the card is removed from the machine. Your card must remain inserted in the machine until the completion of any other transaction, such as balance inquiries and deposits.
  5. Always remember to take your card, receipt and any cash with you.
  6. Please note: Your cash advance PIN can only be used at the ATM.


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