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These Videos provide the latest information surrounding all facets of addressing cyber threats including, awareness, prevention and response.

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Owners, CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, CIOs, Directors and Managers of Operations, Information Security teams, Accounts Payable teams

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What is Cybercrime?

The term “cybercrime” usually refers to any criminal offense committed against or with the use of a computer or computer network. A cybercrime incident can lead to loss of business and consumer confidence, financial loss, productivity loss, and even loss of intellectual property. The current era of cybercrime is dominated by criminals who want to use your computer for illegal activity or steal data for profit. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in computer software to develop crimeware such as viruses, trojans or keyloggers in order for others to carry out criminal acts.

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Our Cybersecurity Videos

The Current State of Cybersecurity: Protecting the Intangible

Hosted by Terra Carnrike-Granata and Andrew Frisbie

Learn why and how cyber criminals are targeting your business for financial gain, including common threats such as Business Email Compromise and Ransomware.

Are You Covered? Proactive Controls You Need Now

Hosted by Tucker Lounsbury and Margaret Scopelianos

Learn how to integrate cyber liability insurance into your cybersecurity program and leverage available banking controls to protect your financial assets.

After A Breach: Effective Incident Response

Hosted by Terra Carnrike-Granata, Andrew Frisbie and Tucker Lounsbury

Learn the fundamentals of incident response planning and how to respond to a ransomware attack or an email account takeover in Microsoft 365.

Cybercrime Survivors: Stories & Lessons Learned

Our experts will come together for a virtual roundtable in the final webinar in our series. The panel will share valuable lessons from actual cyberattacks and answer questions submitted on the topics covered throughout the series.

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Our experts

Terra Carnrike-Granata

Terra Carnrike-Granata
Director of Information Security, NBT Bank

Tucker Lounsbury

Tucker Lounsbury
CIC, President, NBT Insurance Agency

Andrew Frisbe

Andrew Frisbie
Information Security Manager, NBT Bank

Margaret Scopelianos

Margaret Scopelianos
Director of Cash Management & Government Banking, NBT Bank

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Cybercrime is on the rise

Large-scale fraud attacks and consumer data breaches are costing businesses billions of dollars a year. Much of the growth stems from the maturation of the criminal digital underground and its "industrial" approach to cybercrime. Criminals and their technology are increasingly sophisticated, and their reach is global. Rather than attempting to defraud accounts in small multiple transactions, they now boldly go after large sums of money.

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