Treasury Management Sales Team

NBT Bank's treasury management services will provide you with the flexibility and resources to effectively manage your liquidity, receivables and payments. Reach out to a member of our Treasury Management team to explore options for your business or municipal entity today.

We are here for you. If you have questions, please contact us at 1.800.NBT BANK (1.800.628.2265) Select Option 8 and then Option 1.

Image of Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

VP & Treasury Management Commercial Product Manager
Maine and New Hampshire
[email protected]

Image of Heather Piteo

Heather Piteo

VP & Senior Treasury Management Sales Officer
[email protected]

Image of Jamie Peluso

Jamie Peluso

VP & Treasury Management Commercial Sales Manager
Capital Region, Mohawk Valley and Massachusetts
[email protected]

Image of Kristen Loder

Kristen Loder

VP & Senior Treasury Management Sales Officer
Southern Tier and Pennsylvania
[email protected]

Image of Margaret Scopelianos

Margaret Scopelianos

SVP & Director of Treasury Management and Government Banking
[email protected]

Image of Michelle Corapi

Michelle Corapi

VP & Senior Treasury Management Sales Officer
Central New York and Binghamton
[email protected]

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