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NBT Bank launches youth and young adult banking and education program

NORWICH, N.Y. (April 23, 2012)- NBT Bank has just launched its new youth and young adult banking platform as part of its ongoing commitment to its customers and the communities it serves. Through its Strive℠ financial literacy program and iStrive℠ banking products, NBT Bank aims to help today's youth navigate personal finance and grow into financially responsible, independent adults. The program launched earlier this week, and customers have already opened new iStrive℠ accounts!

"Developing smart financial habits at a young age often helps build a brighter financial future," said NBT Bank President and CEO Martin Dietrich. "NBT is now providing the educational tools and complementary products youth and young adults need to build their confidence and put them on them on the path to financial stability."

The Strive℠ financial literacy program is introduced as a source for learning and inspiration to help kids, teens and young adults establish a positive relationship with money and navigate personal finance as their financial needs mature. Through web-based tools, the program will teach youth and young adults about money and managing personal finance in five key areas that are National Standards in Personal Finance Education: Financial Responsibility and Decision Making, Income and Careers, Planning and Money Management, Credit and Debt, and Saving and Investing.

To help put their learning into practice, NBT Bank introduces iStrive℠ banking for youth and young adults. iStrive℠ is a unique line of banking products built specifically to support kids, teens and young adults as they gain first-hand experience managing their money. iStrive℠ delivers checking, savings, debit and credit products that are designed to grow with their individual needs.

NBT Bank believes that everyone plays a part in building a strong financial future for its communities. As such, NBT Bank has also developed resources specifically to help parents, educators and employers take an active role in supporting the area's youth on their journey to financial independence. As a part of its Strive℠ program efforts, NBT Bank offers a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum available to all local school districts and colleges for classroom based education. To find out more or to experience the resources first-hand, visit: www.nbtbank.com/strive.

Learn more about NBT Bank's full offering of iStrive℠ youth and young adult checking, savings, debit and credit products at www.nbtbank.com/istrive. Or, stop by your local NBT Bank office today.

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