Business Security


Protecting Your Business

If you’re in business, you have a new set of responsibilities. Your top priority should be to protect you and your company from business identity theft. (Yes, your business has an identity and it needs to be protected, just as an individual must protect his or her identity.) Fortunately, a few simple steps can dramatically reduce the odds that your business will be victimized.

Understand Your Risk

How do you know if you're at risk? If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below, you need to take steps to review the security of your computers and networks.

  • Is any of your important company or personal information stored on a computer? (That information could relate to you or your employees, customers, contractors or partners.)
  • Do you or your employees access any important information through an internal computer network (including banking, credit card, supplier or delivery information)?
  • Do you have a company website?
  • Do you or your employees use the Internet at work?
  • Do you or your employees use e-mail at work?
  • Could your company survive if it lost the use of its computers for several days or longer?

Becoming a victim of cybercrime is not a question of the size of your business. Most companies use similar tools for their information technology infrastructure—such as desktop computers, operating systems, networks, storage devices, web browsers, laptop computers and mobile computing devices. All of these are equal targets for cybercriminals. Conducting a periodic online banking risk assessment and control evaluation is highly recommended for the security and safety of your business.

What Steps Can I Take To Protect My Business?