Personal Savings

Saving is about more than just reaching your goals, it's about planning for a secure financial future. No one is better qualified to help you secure that future than NBT Bank. Putting money in a savings account on a regular basis is one of the best strategies to reach your dream.

From basic savings accounts and CDs to money markets and IRAs,
NBT Bank offers a number of solutions to help put your funds to
work for you. We also have a Health Savings Account available for
those with High Deductible Insurance Plans

How much could I save over time?
What rate would I need to earn on my savings?
What savings amount should I start with?
How much should I save each month?

Account Type Description
eSavings Interest is compounded daily on this paperless account based on tiers; there is no minimum balance requirement and no fees. Offers free Online Banking and Bill Pay. eStatements are required.  NEW - Open your account online
Personal Savings Interest is compounded daily and you can choose to receive quarterly statements or a portfolio statement that combines your checking and savings statement.  NEW - Open your account online
Money Market Accounts Looking for high growth potential, the ability to write checks and generate interest monthly? A Personal Money Market Account is for you.
Certificate of Deposit (CD) Offers you a choice of short and long-term savings options with terms of seven days to 60 months. Also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a fixed rate at a term that's right for your needs.
IRA You can select fixed rate or tiered rate CDs and tax on interest can be deferred when this is part of a retirement plan.
Health Savings Account An interest-bearing account used to pay for qualified medical expenses. 
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Club Accounts Set-up your Holiday Club Account or All-Purpose Club Account with interest compounded and paid annually.
iStrive Savings Eligible through age 24, earn tiered-interest on your balance as you start your path to a strong financial future. This paperless account features eStatements, no monthly fees, no minimum balance and free Autolink Transfer Service to your iStrive Checking account.
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