Money Market Accounts

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Money Market Accounts

When you are looking for high growth potential with a check writing option, a money market account is the choice for you. We offer three personal money market account options to meet your needs.

With all of our money market options, you'll earn competitive tiered rates that increase with your balance.

  • Interest is compounded and paid monthly
  • There are no limits to withdrawals and transfers when made in person or by ATM. Certain transfers and withdrawals are limited to six per month.*


Minimum Balance to open No minimum required
Monthly Maintenance Fee & Balance Requirements
$5 Monthly Maintenance Fee if the average balance falls below $1,000
Interest Bearing Paid on the following tiers:
$1,000 - $25,000
$25,001 - $75,000
$75,000 and over
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest $1,000 Collected Balance
NBT Bank Debit Card NBT Bank Debit Card at no monthly charge (Must have a primary checking account and money market account can only be attached as a secondary account.)
Customer Service 1-800-NBT-BANK (1-800-628-2265)
E-mail NBT Bank
Statement Options

Combined Statements

Account Maintenance Fees
Excessive Activity Fee = $10 per item*

Account Opening Options


*Federal Banking regulations place limitations on certain transfers and withdrawals from savings and money market accounts. Withdrawals or transfers made by automatic, pre-authorized, telephonic agreement order, or instruction, check, draft, debit card, or similar order made from this account to other accounts or to third parties are restricted to no more than six per monitoring period. The monitoring period for all savings accounts except those tied to checking accounts with portfolio statements is monthly up to the quarterly statement date. Money market accounts and savings accounts with portfolio statement are monitored by statement cycle.