Personal Savings

Saving is about more than just reaching your goals, it's about planning for a secure financial future. No one is better qualified to help you secure that future than NBT Bank. Putting money in a savings account on a regular basis is one of the best strategies to reach your dream.

From basic savings accounts and CDs to money markets and IRAs,
NBT Bank offers a number of solutions to help put your funds to
work for you. We also have a Health Savings Account available for
those with High Deductible Insurance Plans

How much could I save over time?
What rate would I need to earn on my savings?
What savings amount should I start with?
How much should I save each month?


Account Type Description
Personal Savings Interest is compounded daily and you can choose to receive quarterly statements or a portfolio statement that combines your checking and savings statement. Accounts are available for both Adults and Children.
Money Market Accounts Looking for high growth potential, the ability to write checks and generate interest monthly? A Personal Money Market Account is for you.
Certificate of Deposit (CD) Offers you a choice of short and long-term savings options with terms of seven days to 60 months. Also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a fixed rate at a term that's right for your needs.
IRA You can select fixed rate or tiered rate CDs and tax on interest can be deferred when this is part of a retirement plan.
Health Savings Account An interest-bearing account used to pay for qualified medical expenses.
Club Accounts
Set-up your Holiday Club Account or All-Purpose Club Account with interest compounded and paid annually.
iStrive Savings Eligible through age 24, earn tiered-interest on your balance as you start your path to a strong financial future. This paperless account features eStatements, no monthly fees, no minimum balance and free Autolink Transfer Service to your iStrive Checking account.