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Now you and your business can enjoy banking anywhere and anytime with NBT Bank Mobile Banking. This guide will help you enroll and experience all of the conveniences that NBT Bank Mobile Banking has to offer.

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How to Enroll

There are a few things you'll need to get started:

  1. You must be enrolled in NBT Online Banker.
    Non-Online Banker Customers - Enrolling in Online Banker is easy and is a great way to make your banking flexible and convenient. Get started:

    Personal Online Banking Enrollment.

    Online Banking for Business Enrollment.

    Business Banking Customers: Click here for additional information about NBT Bank Online Banking for Business.

    Once you are enrolled in NBT Bank Online Banker you're on your way to the convenience of Mobile Banking.

    Log in to Online Banker.

    1. Under the "Other Services" tab, select "Mobile."
    2. Select your preferred and valid mobile phone and number for your Mobile Banking account. While you'll be able to access NBT Bank Mobile Banking from multiple mobile devices, only one mobile phone number can be registered per Online Banker user. This mobile phone must have SMS text messaging and /or Internet access through a web browser enabled. Keep this mobile phone nearby to help you complete the NBT Bank Mobile Banking Enrollment process.
  2. Carefully read the disclaimer and check the "I accept the Disclaimer" box. Then click the "Submit" button.
  3. Complete the Mobile Banking Enrollment form by selecting your user credentials. Select a Mobile Login (user name) that is 2 to 32 characters long and includes numbers and/or letters. For security purposes, we strongly recommend that your select a Mobile Login that is not the same as your Online Banker Login ID. Provide your mobile phone number. Begin with your area code and don't use hyphens. Create a PIN that's 4-12 characters in length. You can use numbers or a combination of numbers and letters.
  4. Click "Submit" to enroll.
  5. Three text messages will be sent immediately to the mobile device associated with the mobile phone number you provide to validate your phone number.
    • 1st Text Message: This message is to confirm that you wish to enroll in NBT Bank Mobile Banking. Respond to the text message with "YES" to complete the Mobile Banking enrollment process.
    • 2nd Text Message: This message is to welcome you to NBT Bank Mobile Banking and will provide you with the following web address to get you started using your mobile Internet browser: m.nbtbank.com.
    • 3rd Text Message: This message will confirm that your phone has been enabled for Mobile Banking through SMS text messages.

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Accessing and Using NBT Bank Mobile Banking

NBT Bank offers three convenient and secure ways to manage your personal banking needs from your mobile device:

SMS Text Messaging

With NBT Bank Mobile Banking you can access your account information, check your balances, view recent transactions and transfer funds through the convenience of text messaging on your personal SMS-enabled device. Before using SMS for mobile banking, ensure that you have assigned your accounts nicknames within Online Banker to enhance the security and convenience of your mobile banking activities.

Text your desired command from the table below to: 469228

Command Description
Balance Inquiry
  • Send a balance inquiry message to request a list of the available balances on all accounts linked to your Mobile Banking account.
  • Supported commands : BALANCE, BAL, B
  • A response via text will contain the requested balances.
Account Details
  • Send an account details message to request details on an account.
  • Supported command : DETAILS
  • A response via text will contain the account details such as account nickname, balance and type of account.
  • Send a transaction message to request a list of the last five transactions performed using the account. The limit to the number of transactions is in place to ensure that the response is a single text message.
  • A response via text will contain the last five transactions for the account.
  • Send an inter-account transfer message to transfer funds between linked accounts.
  • Supported commands : TRANSFER, XFER, X
  • A response via text will contain details of the transfer.
  • Send a help message, the application responds with a message indicating ways in which you can obtain help.
  • HELP ALL - A response will include a listing of available actions.
  • HELP BAL - A response will be sent with detailed help information for a single action - (i.e. BAL how to retrieve account balances)
  • Send a stop message to disable the mobile access.
  • Supported commands: END, STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSERIBE

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Web Browser

Use your mobile device's Web Browser to access NBT Bank Mobile Banking at any time. You can launch Mobile Banking from any web-enabled mobile device by visiting: m.nbtbank.com.

  1. Log in to NBT Bank Mobile Banking using the Mobile Login you created during enrollment. Select "Login."
  2. Answer the PassMark Authentication Challenge question. Select "Authenticate." Note: Your mobile device most likely cannot save cookies, so you may be asked a challenge question each time you login to Mobile Banking.
  3. Confirm your PassMark image and phrase. Enter your Mobile PIN and select "Login."
  4. Once you are logged in, you may take advantage of all of the great features noted below.

Smart Phone Application

The ability to manage your daily banking needs is at your fingertips with this convenient app. NBT Bank offers a free* Mobile Banking application for use by Apple or Android smart phone owners. The same app is to be downloaded by both personal and business banking customers. In addition to Mobile Banking features that are available with the Web Browser access, the application offers an easy and convenient way to search for nearby Bank Offices and ATMs using your device's Geo-Locator. You may also easily contact NBT Bank Customer Service.

*Standard Text Messaging and data fees from your mobile provider may apply.

To Download the NBT Bank Mobile Banking App for Apple iOS Devices

  1. Visit the Apple iTunes® store on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad*.
  2. Search for NBT Bank
  3. Select the NBT Bank Mobile Banking application
  4. Follow the device's instruction to download and install the NBT Bank Mobile Banking application.
  5. To log in to the Mobile Banking feature of the app, follow the same steps outlined under "Web Browser."

To Download the NBT Bank Mobile Banking App for Android Devices

  1. Visit the Google Play® store on your Android device.
  2. Search for NBT Bank.
  3. Select the NBT Bank Mobile Banking application.
  4. Follow the device's instruction to download and install the NBT Bank Mobile Banking application.
  5. To log in to the Mobile Banking feature of the app, follow the same steps outlined under "Web Browser."

*The NBT Bank Mobile Banking application is not optimized for iPad or tablet use.

Mobile Banking Features

Enjoy these great features and services when using the NBT Bank Mobile Web Browser or smart phone application for personal or business use.

Feature Description
Balance Click on BALANCE - A balance inquiry screen returns the available balance for each of the accounts that are linked to your Mobile Login. Selecting an account from the balance inquiry screen will return the details for that account.
Transactions Click on TRANSACTIONS - Select the account for which you are retrieving the transactions from the drop-down menu. You will be shown a list of transactions performed against this account. The transaction description may be shortened for display; the full description is available by clicking through the transaction details.
Transfers Click on TRANSFERS - Select the transfer "from" account and "to" account from the drop-down menu and then the amount of the transfer. Click the Submit button. A response will be returned with the transfer details.
Pay Bill Click on PAY BILL - Select a payee from the drop-down menu that includes the payees you previously set up within Online Banker Bill Pay). Select the funding account from the drop-down menu, the amount of the payment and delivery date. Click the Submit button. A response will be returned with the payment details. (New payees can be set up through Online Banker Bill Pay)
Location Finder Click on LOCATION FINDER - Enter a zip code or a city/state combination and then select ATMs or Bank Offices to identify your preferred location. Select LOCATE and the mobile phone's GPS will respond with a list of matching locations. There is also a VIEW MAP option to view a map of the locations.
Contact Us Click on CONTACT US - Contact NBT Bank Customer Service by calling the phone number that is automatically provided: 1-800-628-2265.
Change PIN Click on CHANGE PIN - Input the old mobile PIN, a new mobile PIN and re-enter the new mobile PIN. Click the Submit button. The mobile PIN will be changed.
Approve ACH/Payroll/Wire Transactions Click on APPROVALS - NBT Bank Mobile Banking for Business customers may easily review the details of pending ACH/Payroll/Wire Transactions. Select Approve to process the transaction(s) or Reject to decline them.

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Mobile Banking Features

In addition to conducting your Mobile Banking through the access provided in our Apple and Android applications, you can also take advantage of these convenient features:

  • Locate Branches and ATMs - using your mobile device's GPS feature, the app will notify you of nearby locations to help meet your needs.
  • Contact Us - Contact NBT Bank Customer Service by calling the phone number that is automatically provided: 1-800-628-2265.

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Mobile Banking for Business Customers Only

How to provide User Access

As the supervisor of your NBT Online Banker for Business Account, you will have the ability to enroll in Mobile Banking initially. If you are a business user but not the supervisor, you must first request access from your supervisor. The supervisor can update your employee profile to enable NBT Online Banker for Business access, at which point, you will see the "Mobile Banking" tab within NBT Online Banker for Business and complete enrollment. Supervisors granting access to employees will follow the process below:

Log in to NBT Online Banker:

  1. Unter the "Business Apps" tab, select "Administration."
  2. Select the business user you want to grant access to.
  3. Scroll down to the Base Feature section and ensure the "Mobile Banking" option is selected.
  4. Click Save. The user will now be able to log in to Online Banking and enroll into NBT Mobile Banking for Business.

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