NBT Bank Fraud Alerts


New E-Mail and Facebook Zeus Malware Trojan Warning

At this time we would like to advise all customers about a new fraud trend being aimed at Yahoo, Google Mail, Hotmail & Facebook users. These malicious offers come disguised as chance for a great "rebate" or "new security functionality." These social engineering attacks are exploiting a trust relationship between users and well known service providers. The scam will install a malicious malware or virus also known as Zeus onto your PC.

Facebook Scam

Facebook users are being prompted with an offer for 20% off discount if users link their Visa or Mastercard to their Facebook account. The scam claims that after registration, a cash back feature will accumulate Facebook credits. A re-directed malicious site will prompt users to enter credit and/or debit card information such as card number, expiration date, security code and PIN.

Webmail Scam

For Gmail and Yahoo users, the malware offers free enrollment into a new secure payment processing system allegedly supported by over 3,000 online shops and developed in conjunction with Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. Users are asked to enter debit and or credit card numbers, expiration date, security code and PIN. The scam indicates that by participating in the program your account will be protected from fraud in the future.

For Hotmail users, the malware offers users a "free security protection service", that will require a password to authorize all online transactions. Users will be asked to provide a password, in addition to divulging your debit card number, expiration date, security code and/or PIN.

It is always important to use caution when being asked to provide debit and/or credit card information on the internet. As with the above mentioned scam, like many social engineering scams, fraudsters will use a name or relationship in which you are familiar with to create a sense of urgency or rush to divulge sensitive personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to one of our NBT Bank Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-NBT-BANK (1-800-628-2265). Thank you.